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Personal Bio

I’m 44 years young, a mother to my son Adrian and my fur babies. I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology from Texas Wesleyan University in 2008. I have my 200 YTT. I love to practice & teach traditional Hatha yoga with sound healing. I’m an energy worker - Reiki Master, a Medicina Woman, & a creator. I love animals, nature, gardening, astrology, cooking, music, dancing, camping & traveling. As an overall lover of life, I personally make holistic body & lip balms, candles, handcraft custom clothing, jewelry, macramé, pottery as well as custom crystal healing pouches. I am the founder & creator of the Euphoric Yogi. My vibrational presence is of love, light, & joy. I am the traveling Euphoric Yogi & this is my yoga healing journey. Namaste.


Why Yoga

Yoga is known as a science of well being. There are numerous benefits to practicing yoga. The asanas in yoga help to reduce stress, anxiety, improve digestion, & increase flexibility along with many other health benefits. Such as an increase in energy, help with weight loss & countless more. The different types of benefits gained correlate directly to the asanas one chooses to practice. For instance, twisting asanas give the organs a flush, whereas standing asanas strengthen & tone the legs.                           



Yoga to me


There’s a much deeper meaning to yoga, & it's one’s own healing journey to enlightenment; a path to self-realization. Yoga to me is silencing the ego in order to connect our mind, body & spirit to our higher Self. Yoga is learning to love yourself in a healthy way as well as living & walking the path of a yogi. Every step we take is of the light, & purely of good intent for each other & the universe. Most of yogi’s will agree that yoga is the essence of being. 

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