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     ∞Gratitude  ∞Peace  ∞Compassion  ∞Self-Realization  ∞Interconnectedness

∞Love  ∞Balance  ∞Healing  ∞Quality  ∞Honesty

Each day begins with gratitude, followed by peace & compassion. These pave the path for self-realization & interconnectedness. Once we evolve back to our core roots of love & balance, the end results in high-quality services & products. These are the honest & authentic principles of the Euphoric Yogi.

Mission Statement

Begin to heal by looking within.

Vision Statement

I am the movement that will incorporate meditation into the school system's daily curriculum. By teaching our younger generations the positive health benefits of breathing exercises through meditation we can ensure the foundation for gentle, kind & loving individuals. Meditation is quieting the mind & breathing - that way an individual will think before acting on their emotions. Meditation & yoga are self-awareness. My vision is to share & teach that yoga is a community, it's a connection.

Thank you Dallas Yoga Magazine for the feature. I hope to inspire and aim for others to join the movement of schools incorporating meditation into the school systems.

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