Teacher Bio

I obtained my 200 Yoga Teacher Training in February 2017 from Dhyana Yoga Center. Although I’m fairly new to the practice in this lifetime, yoga runs deep in my soul. My teaching style is Hatha yoga fused with sound healing vibrations, & topped with my euphoric yogi goodness. In my classes, we’ll slow down the pace in order to focus on our breathing, while connecting to our higher Self through the practice of asanas, pranayama, & healing vibrations.


I see myself as an igniter for those who are working towards healing. Think of me as a holding space for an individual until they discover that they have the power to heal themselves.

May your Divine light always shine big & bright, Namaste.


Healing Ceremonies

Frequently in our lives, we're forced to endure numerous traumatic events, which can leave us with either emotional, physical, &/or mental scars. But the key is understanding that all of it is only temporary, never permanent. No matter how deep, over time scars fade. We have the power to heal ourselves & in order to cleanse our mind, body & soul we must be willing to do the spiritual work. There are thousands of holistic healing modalities & practices available to begin the healing process. Understanding our chakras & removing blockages is where I begin with my students. Once an individual fully comprehends the different functions & purposes of the chakras, the healing begins. It is at this interval the path to enlightenment opens, & our dharma/duty is fulfilled if it has not already been.


Hatha Yoga with Sound Healing Vibrations

Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing

Yoga Nidra with Restorative Yoga

Meditation with Sound Healing

Chakra Cleansing & Activating 

Coming Soon, Kundalini Yoga 

Coming Soon, Art Classes & Workshops

Coming Soon, Yoga Retreats 

**Private classes are available by appointment.